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When the People Lead,
the Leaders Follow
The Backbone Campaign specializes in the creation of spectacle imagery, innovative messaging and political theater. Most of our work involves what we call Artful Activism, in which we engage progressive activists and organizers in the strategic use of creative tactics such as festival arts, flash mobs, music and other theatrical forms of nonviolent direct action.
Backbone Training
training3Backbone Campaign's Artful Activism project trains progressive activists and organizations nationwide who are working toward human dignity, environmental sustainability and peace.
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Bold Initiatives
initiative3The Backbone Campaign provides provocative imagery and collaborates with other organizations on national and regional actions to promote a progressive agenda.
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Backbone Campaign toolkits and education programs have provided activists all over the country with resources and skills to promote progressive ideas.
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Local Laboratory
We've collaborated with local, regional and national organizations to push forward on real ideas and programs that get results.
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Featured Projects

  • Army Corps, Relieved of Duty
  • Projection As Protest
After a week long training in direct action on Vashon Island, attendees of the Backbone Campaign's Localize This! action camp executed a bold and beautiful action to stop plans to turn the Pacific NW into a fossil fuel corridor to Asia. Find press release, action photos and more below. more news clips.

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Light Projection is easy, fun, and a great way to raise the visibilty of an issue!

Over the last two years, the Backbone Campaign has been spreading this excellent tactic to allies across the country. Watch this video to learn how to project your messages for great visibility and photo opportunities.  And learn how you can get GOBOs for your action below.

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